How to Cast Tv Without Chromecast 
How to Cast Tv Without Chromecast 

How to Cast Tv Without Chromecast 

Cast Tv Without Chromecast : Google Chromecast may appear to be a must-have in streaming your favourite movies and shows. However, let me blow your bubble.

You can connect your mobile devices onto your TV and completely enjoy the experience without spending the cash.

Cast to Tv Without Chromecast From Your Phone

There are many ways of casting your screen onto a television without the need for the Chromecast. Below, we’ve provided several methods that work like Chromecast and are easy to use.

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Using Smart View

If you’re an Samsung customer, then you may have seen the Smart SmartView The Smart Viewoption in the quick links panel. It’s now possible to make use of this feature in order to share your TV screen on your smart TV effortlessly.

  1. Access the quick links panel by sliding down on the home screen.
  2. Tap on the Smart View icon.
  3. You can now look up the devices that are available to mirror your phone’s screen.
    If you don’t see your television on the list, make sure to check to see if it’s that is connected via the Wi-Fi network as your phone .
  4. Choose your TV from the list , then select to start now.
  5. The system may ask users to input a PIN , if you’ve previously setup it.

Now, you can watch the screen of your phone on your TV and enjoy any video you like with the need for Chromecast.

Using Screencast

If you are unable to find your Smart View option on your phone, you could try Screencast. It’s a built-in function for your Android smartphone to browse YouTube as well as Netflix. It appears to be an elongated square with a WiFi logo within.

  1. Launch the app you wish to browse the content. Look for the Screencast icon in the upper-right edge of your screen.
  2. Connect it the TV.

It’s recommended to make sure that your phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Screen Mirroring on Your Iphone

You can also enable Screen Mirroring using the iPhone and connect it to your television.

  1. Simply swipe your home screen to access Control Center. Control Center.
  2. Under the Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth menu, you’ll look for that Screen Mirroring logo that has two rectangles.
  3. Verify that the television is connected the Wi-Fi network and is set to go through Screen Mirroring.
  4. When your TV’s name appears in the device list listed under Screen Mirroring, tap on it to begin enjoying the contents.

Mirroring your screen is by far the most efficient method for casting your screen. However, you may need to compromise privacy, since the process of turning off mirroring on your screen is a challenge for certain users.

HDMI-to-Phone Adapters

If you’d like to stream videos from your laptop, simply attaching to an HDMI cable to your laptop is simple and speedy. However, small devices such as HDMI cables for phones are a great option if you want mirroring your phone to your television.

Connect an HDMI cable through an HDMI to phone adapter. After that, connect the adapter to the phone and begin mirroring your screen.

Samsung offers an adapter called USB-C HDMI adapter. Similar to that, Apple has the Lightning Digital AV Adapter which you can purchase for $49. Both adapters claim that they offer excellent video quality.

While these additional purchases might appear expensive, they’re helpful if you regularly project your screen onto the TV or monitor.

Third-party Apps

If you’re struggling with these suggestions You can try an application from a third-party vendor to mirror your screen. There are numerous such free applications available on both the PlayStore and on the App Store.

Try some of the useful applications such as Mirroring 360, SecondScreen, TeamViewer, and AnyDesk.

Cast from Macbook/iMac with Airplayor Screen Mirroring

There is an equivalent option, i.e., Airplay ,on your Macbook or the iMac. It’s a great method of mirroring your screen onto your television wirelessly.

  1. Touch to the Airplay button on the menu bar of your Macbook.
  2. It should appear like an oval with a triangle at its bottom.
  3. It will display the devices on which you can mirror your screen in the AirPlay To menu.
  4. Turn on your TV, and mirroring on the screen will begin.


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