These Look Like Ordinary Backpacks, But the Tech Inside Will Blow You Away

Technology has revolutionized our way of living. It has added an edge to normal things in our lives and made it way more decorated. When you think about technology, you might only focus on tech gadgets, spacecraft, automobiles, and the like. However, it runs deeper than you think. It has reached even the simplest things of our lives and made it tech-savvy. Can you imagine technology has modernized even the backpacks that we use? Yes, these backpacks can ensure your safety and give you an overall convenient experience. If you want to add some functionality in life then these backpacks with innovative materials are what you need to add to your collection. This insightful article will tell you about seven such tech-savvy backpacks. You can also learn about their pros and cons from this article.

The Smart Commuter Companion

Backpack: XDynamics XQD-100


The XDynamics XQD-100 is a game changer in the industry of backpacks. It is designed for the modern individual who is always on the go. Your lifestyle might require you to commute extensively and the XDynamics XQD 100 backpack will turn out to be your best companion. It comes with an integrated drone launch system and you can take amazing shots while travelling or moving from one place to another. This unique backpack comes with several compartments which can be used to keep the drone components and other items for personal use. While giving you sufficient space for keeping your belongings, this unique backpack will also take care of your style quotient with its designer looks.




Flawless incorporation of drone

Heavy due to the excess drone carrying space


On the costlier side

Suits the needs of photographers

Drone technology might not be easy to comprehend for all

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The Traveler's Tech Haven

Backpack: NOMATIC Travel Pack


The NOMATIC Travel Pack will turn out to be your best companion if you like being organized but do not have much time to dedicate to it. This backpack has had some of the best reviews for increasing the efficiency and functionality of daily commuters. It has several compartments and pockets which will make it very easy for you to store clothes, gadgets, and other travel items. The NOMATIC Travel Pack has gained much popularity because of its tech-savvy features that include RFID-safe pockets and a TSA-ready laptop compartment. These features together will ensure you have a comfortable and safe journey. 




Will help you remain organised

Difficulty in accommodating large items

Technology well equipped to enhance security and detect attempts of theft

Not suitable for rough use

Laptops and other gadgets can be kept in secure pockets

Does not cater to the needs of casual travellers 

The Charging Champion

Backpack: AMPL Labs Smart Backpack


Are you one of those travelers who often forget to pack their power-banks and chargers at home? Have you been in a situation where you had to unnecessarily buy chargers just because you forgot to bring them from home? Worry no more, the AMPL Labs Smart Backpack is here to save the day. It has an integrated power bank system and can charge your smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets quite efficiently. It also has multiple USB charging ports which will allow you to charge all your devices at the same time. 




Built-in power bank to charge devices

No dedicated space for non-tech items

Multiple USB ports to charge several devices in one go

Power bank makes the backpack heavy

Comes with designer looks and known for increasing functionality

On the costlier side

The Futuristic Solar Companion

Backpack: Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack


The Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack is what you should use to save the environment and also cut down on your electricity bills. This backpack has changed the game by utilizing the power of technology, and yes obviously, the Sun. If you care for the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint then go and get yourself this bag which makes use of renewable energy to charge your devices while you are on the run.




Environment friendly

Its efficiency will depend on exposure to sunlight

Long lasting and can be used in all weathers

Bulky design

Best suited for outdoor activities and adventures

On the costlier side but can save you money in the long run

The Safety Sentinel

Backpack: Lumzag Smart Backpack


If you are a solo traveler or like to explore secluded places then the Lumzag Smart Backpack is going to be your best friend in times of need. It has the best security features and can ensure your safety in the most efficient way. Some of its best features include a 360-degree camera system which allows you to directly stream videos on your smartphone, RFID blocking for ensuring data protection, and a wireless charger. This tech-savvy backpack can keep you safe in dangerous situations. 




Top-notch security features

360-degree camera system might hinder the privacy of others

Live streaming of surroundings in real time

Technology used by the cameras may not be easy to comprehend

Wireless charging on the go

On the costlier side due to the technology used

The Musical Trekker's Delight

Backpack: Bopai Anti-Theft Business Backpack


A good road and some music to listen to. Isn’t that what most of us want? The Bopai Anti-Theft Business backpack is here to save the day. This advanced and tech-savvy backpack comes with a system of integrated Bluetooth speakers which have a very long battery life. The anti-theft features present in this backpack are unique and will cater to almost all your needs.




Bluetooth speakers with long battery life

Audio quality is not great

Unique anti-theft design ensuring security

Bluetooth speakers take a lot of space

Comes with designer looks

No built-in charger for the speakers

The Tech-Integrated Workhorse

Backpack: Targus Mobile-VIP Backpack


The Targus Mobile-VIP Backpack is going to become your favourite if you need to carry a huge number of items everywhere. It comes with several compartments and the one built for carrying the laptop is around 17 inches long. There will always be room for various accessories and wireless chargers in this bag. 




Sufficient storage space

Bulky design

17 inches long laptop compartment

Not suitable for casual travellers

Space for carrying wireless charger

On the costlier side


To conclude, we can say that these backpacks have made the best use of technology to suit our everyday needs and provide us with integrated devices for ensuring security. These innovations are extraordinary, to say the least. The diverse options available in the market will not disappoint you whether you identify as a photography enthusiast or a good Samaritan fighting for the environment. However, all good things have a bad side and so do these backpacks. Some are bulky while some are extremely costly and not meant for casual travellers. Evaluate these points before making the purchase and you will be good to go.

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