Best 10 AI tools for Business Automation

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has reached milestones in recent years. AI tools for business have opened a new path for countless opportunities for both big and small businesses. Besides, it helps businesses run smoothly and efficiently. AI provides deep insights that are beneficial for freelancers, business people, and corporations with a mass of people. Such advantages have led to more innovations and the rise of digital technologies.

AI tools are making operations more accessible than ever before. It is now used in fields like healthcare, transport, and finance. They have immense demand currently in the market. Therefore, we will discuss today’s top 10 list of AI tools.

Top 10 AI tools of 2023

1. Pictory

The famous AI video generator present in the market now is Pictory. Here, you can create and edit high-quality videos hassle-free. If you are worried about not having any previous experience in video-editing tools, then, Pictory is the perfect fit. It’s easy and user-friendly. You provide it a script, and boom! It gives you the base of your video content. Pictory helps in turning blog posts into engaging videos for Instagram and other websites. It is a cloud-based software and therefore works on any computer.

Features of Pictory

  • Edit or create videos using just an article or script
  • Create engaging video highlights or reels
  • Design short video snippets for high-end brands from long videos
  • Adds automatic suitable caption to summarize your video

Price and Availability

Pictory does not belong to the Ai tools free category. Its users have three subscription options: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. You get both options of monthly and annual subscriptions. The plan starts from $19 per month per user. Pictory has a custom pricing option for Enterprise plans. But the best part is that it gives you a 3-day free trial if you are reluctant to purchase it.

2. Jasper

Jasper had been marked as the best AI tool for writing assistants in 2021. This AI tool to write an essay has unique features and quality and has impressed a wide range of users. Users need to provide relevant words, which this AI tool will analyze and create paragraphs, phrases, or documents, as per the subject matter, tone of voice, and one’s requirement. It can provide you with 1000+ words of articles within 15 minutes.

Jasper has 50+ AI content generation templates, like emails, blog posts, Google ad generators, marketing copy, press releases, Facebook ad generators, Meta title and descriptions, and much more.

Features of Jasper

  • Supports more than 25 languages
  • Easy and user-friendly user interface
  • 11,000 free fonts with 2,500+ styling categories

Price and Availability

Jasper subscriptions start from $24 per month. It has three plans: Starter, Boss mode, and Business plan, with different limits and features. You can opt for its 5-day free trial option with 10K credits. 

3. Flick

Flick, a social media assistant AI is a power-packed marketing tool created to manage the brainstorming, planning, and writing content for social media. As one of the best AI tools for this social media, it has distinct concepts, a generative AI tool for captions, and transforms lengthy paragraphs into an easily readable sharing piece. You can also schedule your posts and facilitate and arrange the time of reels and posts quickly. It is trusted by billions of content creators, marketers, brands, etc., helping them improve their engagement, save time, and enhance their social media posts’ impact on their audience.

Features of Flick:

  • Auto-suggested Hashtag and Hashtag search & manager available.
  • Easy setup process with 24/7 support
  • Post scheduling available

Price and Availability

Flick offers you a 7-day free trial pack to go through its features, create engaging brand content and then decide on their subscription plans. Flick has three packages: Solo, Pro, and Agency. Their pricing starts from $13.60.

4. Web Scrapping.AI

Web Scrapping. AI helps deliver data from the web in no time and avoids the tiring scraping part. You need to type the site URL and select the elements you need—this AI tool claims to use new algorithms for precise data extraction. You can save a lot of time through its customized choice of data.

Features of Web Scrapping.AI

  • Clean and standardizes the scraped data with a built-in data-cleaning feature
  • Scrapping process frequency control using customizable Scrapping
  • The cloud-based platform enables access from any computer
  • Scraped data can be exported into formats like Excel, CSV, JSON, etc.

Price and Availability

Web Scrapping.AI has three subscription plans available: Personal, Plus, Startup plan. The plans begin from $29 per month.

5. Fireflies

Are you tired of taking notes during lectures or meetings? Fireflies are here for your rescue. This AI tool is used to prepare discussions and record talks. That means you can upload your live meetings and online classes here and get them transferred easily.

Features of Fireflies

  • Record and transcribe calls
  • Transcribe any audio file instantly
  • Chrome extension captures your meetings, classes, and calls directly from the browser
  • No more note-taking

Price and Availability

Fireflies is a free AI tool with limited features. It has a pro subscription option that starts at only $10 a month. If you require a robust plan with more features, then opt for its Business plan that starts at $19 a month.

6. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

The top AI image and up-scale tool in the market is HitPaw. This works magic when you need to make your photos less blurry or zoom images without quality degrading. Its photo enhancement feature will perfectly fix your blurred photos. You can use its other AI tools to upgrade the photo quality. This is one of the best AI tools because it can bring old photos back to life.

Features of HitPaw Enhancer:

  • Automatically removes noise from high-ISO and low-lighting  
  • Can upscale to focus on objects using AI sharpener
  • Best AI enhancer for Mac and Windows

Price and Availability

HitPaw Photo Enhancer has three plans: One-Month Plan for $17.99, One-Year Plan for $79.99, and the Lifetime Plan for $99.99. It also offers a free trial service but with limited features.

7. GoCharlie

Another most recommended AI-powered content-creating tool is GoCharlie. It helps users create high-quality images, ads, blogs for businesses, influencers’ posts, etc. You can create attractive videos, reels, and photos for your social media handles and other websites. Various features, additional images, templates, and video layouts are available to give your content a professional touch.

Features of GoCharlie:

  • Brand new AI tool features for unique content creation
  • Hundreds of blog themes to choose from
  • Unlimited 4k images

Price and Availability

You can use this free AI tool for 10 days. After 10 days, you have to choose one of their subscription plans. The basic plan starts at $39. They have two other subscriptions, a Professional subscription at $99 and a Team subscription at $299.

8. Beacons AI

John and Lisa, former creators and tech entrepreneurs, created the Beacons AI tool. They made this tool keeping a fusion of technology and passion in mind. This tool will help brands outreach for creators.


You can use this AI tool for writing personalized and compelling pitch emails to brands, making the most difficult task at one time easier. All you need to do is, select the brands and give your desired tone and the length of the pitch email. Beacons AI will automatically deliver a professional, well-built pitch for you.

Features of Beacons AI

  • Pitch Crafting
  • Tone of Voice Customization
  • Editing feature
  • Brands Database
  • High-quality AI-generated Content

Price and Availability

The plan begins at $10, a part of the Pro Plan.

9. Growth Bar

Growth Bar is an AI tool that uses GPT-3 AI to automate content creation. It suggests users with exact word counts, keywords, images, links, etc., for their content. OpenAI, a co-founded company by Elon Musk, developed GPT-3 AI technology. It passed the Turing test, the first AI tech to do so that ensured its written copy would sound as humanlike as possible. The tool can provide extreme back linking and create blog post content outlines. It has a Chrome extension available too.

Features of GrowthBar:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Can generate paragraphs
  • AI blogging tools
  • Meta Generator

Price and Availability

Like almost every other best AI tool, it also has three subscription plans: Pro, Standard, and Agency plans priced at $29, $79, and $129, respectively.

10. Speechify

Speechify is an amazing AI tool that converts the text of any format into human-sounding speech. It can convert emails, PDFs, docs, or articles into audio. Users who prefer listening to reading can opt for Speechify. 

Features of Speechify:

  • Works in more than 15 languages
  • Over 30 voices to select from 
  • Web-based with Chrome and Safari extensions 

Price and Availability

It is both a free AI tool and a subscription-based model. Speechify audiobook comes at $199 per year. The Premium plan will cost you $139 a year per user.


Wrapping Up


Ai Technology has rebounded in the digital world, making work easier and super-fast. AI tools are available for different types of professions and businesses at various prices. Now, it depends on the user what he/she is looking for. We have briefed you about the top 10 AI tools for business automation present in the market now.

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