Here are the Top 7 AI tools for Insta Reels

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Instagram is considered to be the most popular social media platform.In that, Reels provide the best engagement rate and reach.Thus reels are highly popular among social media users especially those who come under Gen Z. To those who are looking for quick solutions to generate top class content on Instagram, I am sharing below 10 best AI tools to use to create high quality Insta Reels.

Adobe Premiere Pro

As the name suggests, Adobe Premiere Pro is a product of Adobe. This is an upgraded version of Adobe Premiere. With this tool, you can edit videos in a  time-lined or nonlinear manner. This software helps you in video editing at high resolution of upto 10,240 × 8,192. It also has the ability to support 3D video editing.

Ever thought captioning yout reels a tough task? Well, is here to support you in this. is a AI software that helps you in transcription and captioning. This tool will help you in writing optimised captions to reach newer audience organically


Lumen5 will help you convert blog posts and articles to highly engaging Instagram Reels. It has a variety of video templates in its library for you to choose based on your Insta feed theme.

Amper Music

This Al software help you choose the most apt song for your Reels. Music plays an important part in the viewing time of a Reel. Music enhances the overall appeal of any social content.This software provides royalty free musics for you to choose from its vast music library


Hashtags are the keywords that help social media users discover your content from the vast library of contents out there. RiteTag help you chose apt hashtags to improve the discoverability of your reels.


Well are you looking to increase the audience and visibility of your instagram account real quick? Upfluence could be an option for you. This is an AI- driven influencer marketing platform that helps you find right influencers to promote your page

Thumbnail Blaster

A good thumbnail will help you get more attentions. It could work like a magnet that attacts eyeballs to your content.Thumbnail Blaster will help you create eye catchy thumbnails to improve the virality of your content.

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