American Health Data Stolen! You will be Shocked to Know What All Leaked


This informative article highlights the sensitive issue of data theft and its consequent implications. We are all living in the age of technology, and unfortunately, most of us are being used by technology rather than being able to use it for our own benefit. Sensitive medical and health details of millions of Americans have been stolen by hackers who were able to exploit a zero-day vulnerability in the most commonly used app for file transfer- MOVEit. Surprisingly, this application is run by none other than IBM.


The medical data of around 4 million patients has been exposed, as confirmed by The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF). They admitted falling prey to hackers who had taken over the system of MOVEit. 


Colorado’s HCPF stated that the data breach mainly happened because IBM, one of the state’s vendors, used the MOVEit application to transfer HCPF data files through the usual course of business. 


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Let us try to understand how the data was stolen and what it implies

What do those files contain? 

The files in the hackers’ hands now are susceptible because they contain information like full names, home addresses, date of birth, social security numbers, clinical and medical data, Medicaid and Medicare IDs, health care insurance details, and so on. 


All of these data are extremely sensitive because every possible crime in society can be carried out with the help of this information. It is yet to be understood what these hackers want. If they gathered all of this information to target a particular group or they want to attack people of a specific race. Only time will tell. 


Harming you becomes extremely easy when someone has full access to your medical history. All the criminal might have to do is introduce an allergen around you that might trigger your symptoms or follow you to a congested area to trigger asthma attacks. There is a considerable possibility of things going wrong, but you cannot be sure of what the hackers want. Their aim could also be extracting money from the hospitals by threatening to spoil their reputation or even make use of your Medicare and Medicaid ID for their services.

Is the data leaked on Dark Web?

The dark web is a pretty dangerous game. As the name suggests, it is the darker part of the internet. A lot of information that is not visible to us commoners can be found on the dark web.

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