This informative article highlights the sensitive issue of data theft and its consequent implications. We are all living in the age of technology, and unfortunately, most of us are being used by technology rather than being able to use it for our own benefit. Sensitive medical and health details of millions of Americans have been stolen by hackers who were able to exploit a zero-day vulnerability in the most commonly used app for file transfer- MOVEit. Surprisingly, this application is run by none other than IBM… Read More


ancient indian cataract surgery

Incredible Technologies Used In Ancient India

Today we will talk about how entangled technology was with our way of living even before the advent of computers, robots, or artificial … Read More

GoodNews for EV Lovers : Tesla to Slash the Price

Tesla is the market leader of Electric Vehicles in the USA and many parts of the world. .. Read More


Phone 15 Pro Leak: Apple's Exposes Revolutionary New Feature!

Apple accidently released this key feature for its iPhone 15 version, releases the features...

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