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Quora is a social media platform where people from all over the world share their experiences and come forward to help each other on a number of topics related to Tech, Insurance, Finance, lifestyle and more.

Unlike other social media platforms, Quora is a platform which is more text dominant. Users can come on this media channel and ask the questions that they need information or expert advice on, and someone can answer to these questions, depending upin their experience on the matter.

Ad Formats for Advertisers in Quora Ads

Quora Ads offers 3 types of ad formats; Image Ads, Text Ads and Video ads. Advertisers can use any or all of these as formats depending on their requirements.

1. Quora Text Ads

Quora text ads

Quora text ads are designed in such a way that the ad appears like a question. These are perfect native ad placements inside Quora feed and someone can hardly differentiate it from the organic content. 

This gives the ad copies some extra credibility and more number of clicks from the users.

2. Quora Image Ads

Quora Ads-technewsonline.org

Quora image ads give the flexibility to add your own image creatives along with the ad texts. These ads are also placed between relevant topics related to the ad texts. Since these are native ads so the chances of conversion is also high.

3. Quora Video Ads

The video ad format on quora is similar to image ads except that the image creative here can be replaced with video. 

This gives the flexibility to tell a more detailed story about one’s brand and services which leads to higher conversion rates.

Step by step guide for advertising on Quora Ads

  1. Begin by setting up an ad account.
  2. Design your campaign.
  3. Establish an ad set.
  4. Select your targeting preferences.
  5. Opt for additional targeting options.
  6. Determine your bid.
  7. Craft your advertisement.

1. Begin by setting up an ad account

You can sign up for Quora ads by using this link.

2. Design your campaign.

On this step, you need to choose the ad format for your campaign and the campaign objective. There are normally 3 objectives on quora: 1. Sales 2. reach potential customers 3. Build awareness.

The campaign goals solely depend on business to business.

3. Establish an ad set

After setting the campaign objective right, the next step is to setup the bid (The price that you want to pay for every click). This can be done inside an adset.

4. Select your targeting preferences

This is the main step during the setup of any campaign as we need to decide where exactly we need to place our ads, this is where we select the location, device, gender, devices, etc.

5. Opt for additional targeting options

Quora also offers some deep level targeting options which are completely options and should only be selected if you want to pin point your ad targeting. This might also result in reducing the pace of the ad budget spend.

6,7. Review and complete the campaign setup

In the final 2 steps, you just need to review all the setup of the campaign and submit it for review.

Please note that all the ad creatives and texts should be as per Quora advertising guidelines only.

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