Phone 15 Pro Leak: Apple's Slip-Up Exposes Revolutionary New Feature!

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Apple accidently released this key feature for its iPhone 15 version, releases the features of the new action button. As per reports it was scheduled to be released by September 2023.

This is not often that we see any kind of mistakes from “Apple” but Indeed we are all humans and we make mistakes. The good thing is that, this mistake gives a sneak peek into what we can expect in the upcoming rollouts. It also gives an idea about what apple is planning to do. It is clear that the main focus of innovation right now is to make things more optimized and easily available to use for its users.

Apple accidently shared its code snippet from its iOS 17 update to its developers. As per the assumptions from this code snippet, apple intends to remove its physical switch that the users are already habituated in using. The major function of this switch was to mute phone calls and change the ring mode of the phone between silent or ringtone. 

This physical button will now be replaced by a new in-screen feature which has been programmed to offer a variety of functions. Rumors are that this button will be offering a set of nine different features.

Provided the lack of complete information on the iPhone 15 Pro Action button, it is hard to list out the exact features that it will be offering to users but here are a few features that are expected to be rolled out:

  • Assistive Touch
  • More capabilities with the Shortcuts App
  • Capability to switch modes (Silent/Ringtone)
  • As a shortcut for camera app
  • Switch for Flashlight
  • A switch for Focus mode
  • Magnifier App
  • Language translation tool
  • Voice memos
  1. Voice memos

The above features mentioned features for the iPhone 15 Pro Action switch has been shared by MacRumors as they were the ones who discovered the code snippet.  Let’s shed some more light on each of these features and what users can expect from Apple’s new update rollout:

  1. Assistive Touch

Users can now easily access assistive touch from iPhone 15 Pro Action switch. This feature is helpful for situations when you are not able to touch the screen or use the buttons. Assistive touch can be used without any accessories to perform functions that might be difficult at times.

  1. More capabilities with the Shortcuts App

Users will now be able to run the shortcuts that they want, right from the action button. With the shortcuts app users can create various cool automations. Read more about how to set automations here.

  1. Capability to switch modes (Silent/Ringtone)

Since the physical switch for this function is rumored to be removed, so the iPhone 15 Pro action button will be able to handle this operation.

  1. As a shortcut for camera app

Now the camera app can be accessed directly from the action button. iPhone 15 intends to ease the selfie game even more.

  1. Switch for Flashlight

In iPhone 15 there will not be the need to scroll the task bar down to access the flashlight button as this switch will be integrated right in the Action button. This will surely make the work easier.

  1. A switch for Focus mode

We all know the importance of focus in these times of social media. And its very important to keep your focus on point when dealing with some important work, or study. So, this mode assists in blocking the unwanted notifications and lets you focus on what is important.

  1. Magnifier App

This app helps in magnifying certain texts, area on the screen. This is mainly useful to navigate through sections with comparatively lower pixel sizes. Read more about magnifier app uses here.

  1. Language translation tool

The language translation tool lets you translate the texts from almost any language to any language. This comes too handy while traveling to new places.

  1. Voice memos

Voice memos are an advanced version of text memos. Now you can just talk to your phone and ask it to save a reminder for the day or anytime in future. Really comes in handy if you have just too many things to explore.

Obviously, these updates are not all, that we expect to be launched in the latest iOS 17 update and we will keep you updated about the latest trends. 

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