Petrifying Crash Between Motorcycle and Fire Truck Captured in GoPro

On a desolated road in Los Angeles, a motorcyclist experienced a chilling accident as he crashed head-on with a fire-truck. The collision was captured in his GoPro and the post-accident scene where medical care came to his aid.

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Jesse Lopez, the motorcyclist, was in the Angeles Nation Forest in Southern California. Riding with his friend along Glendora Ridge Road, his bike experienced some turbulence at a blind curve. Mr. Lopez felt his bike spring up at the turn and somewhat lost control.

Just around the curve, Mr. Lopez immediately faces an approaching fire truck. Too late to control his vehicle, he frontally collides with the fire truck. The force of the collision sent him spinning in the air and threw him rolling on the ground for more than a few meters. This accident being captured on his GoPro shows every single second from his point of view. The video becomes blurry before coming to a standstill as GoPro captures the sun in the sky while Mr Lopez is immobile on the road.

In an interaction with NBC News, Mr. Lopez opens up about how he does not remember anything about the accident due to memory loss. However, he admits that he might have lost his nerves at the sight of the truck. 

To his best reflex, he could only apply the front brakes, but it only straightened him out and sent him head-on to the fire truck, which was approaching 35mph.

The motorcyclist experienced the accident on April 1 but uploaded the video as late as June 5.

By posting it online, Mr. Lopez’s friend was criticized. People on the internet criticized his friend for caring more about the GoPro than his injured friend. To this, Mr. Lopez cleared everything up by stating that Mr. Lopez himself asked for the GoPro, and people can listen to it 10 minutes 28 seconds (10:28) into the video. He also stated how his friend would keep visiting after the accident and was there for him.

Due to the accident, Mr. Lopez injured himself badly with a broken femur, tibia, fibula, ulna, and humerus at the elbow.

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