No more Overheating for iPhone 15 : Latest update

iPhone -15 No more Overheating

There were quite a few complaints from apple users about the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 pro models getting overheated quickly and many of the tech gurus anticipated that this might be because of some software changes from google or because of some bugs. It appears that apple has already this matter on priority and already released its latest IOS 17 version which is iOS 17.0.3

As per the official apple’s website,  this update is intended to fix the bugs in the previous versions and also addresses the issue of overheating.  you can find a complete article from apple here.

iPhone 15 Over heating a hardware issue?

As per Apple, they have clearly clarified that the over heating issue in iPhone 15 was never a hardware issue. It was primarily linked with the software and they have effectively resolved it by rolling out their 17.0.3 update to the iOS.

iPhone users can upgrade to the latest version and see the change in action.

Thermal test results for iPhone 15 (Overheating)

Since the overheating could be clearly felt just by using the iPhone 15 phones, we tried to do a thermal test on these phones. This test was done before iOS 17.0.3 update and after the upgrade both, so we have clear proofs that the new iOS 17 update actually helps the phone stay cooler than before. Let’s have a look below:

iPhone 15 Thermal Test result (Before iOS 17.0.3 update)

As you can see in the image above the highest temperature than the iPhone 15 reached before iOS 17.0.3 was 107.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

The phone was also put on charging at this stage.

iPhone 15 Thermal Test result (After iOS 17.0.3 update)

iphone 15 thermal test after
iphone 15 thermal test after

In the above image, we tested the same iPhone in the same conditions as before but this time this phone was upgraded to the latest iOS version which is 17.0.3. In this setup, the maximum temperature that the iPhone 15 reached was 93.8 degrees Fahrenheit.


Thus, with the above test results it is clear that the new iOS 17.0.3 actually helps the phone to stay cooler than before. 

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