How to Play With Friends
How to Play With Friends

How to Play With Friends : is a fun and multiplayer version of the battle royale “snake” that was released in the year the year 2016. It’s been fun to play on a casual basis ever since.

It is a game with its own quirks. is a game for multiplayer that does not permit friends to play in the same lobby automatically. It is required to play on the server lobby, which can be populated by up to 500 players. If you’d like to play with buddies, there’s no way to do that inside the game.

Players must continue to play with new game until they are lucky. It is only the way to play with two people in the same room. also does not have a lot of essential gameplay features. You are unable to zoom in or out of the screen. Its quality toggle feature is extremely limited in its capabilities.

The most lagging attribute is the capability to play online with your friends, without having random luck. Being able to play with your friends this way isn’t a fun experience. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be made simpler. By using couple of browser extensions You’ll be partying around and playing within a matter of minutes!

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How to Play With Friends

Playing With Friends Using NTLMod [Recommended]

Before you start there are some points to be aware of. This method is only applicable only if you’re playing this web-based game. If you’re a mobile user and you’re not able to play, then you’re out. You’ll also require Google Chrome or any browser that supports extensions purchased from the Chrome store, such as Microsoft Edge.

It’s easy to download Google Chrome shouldn’t be difficult at all.


Be sure that you’re page is not modified. This is that you remove all other extension that alter the site by any means.

Download and Install NTLMod

Visit the NTLMod page on the Chrome web store. Press Add to Chrome. The extension will now download. Be sure to accept any prompts that may appear.


After you’ve completed downloading and installing the extension you can open the The page should appear different than the default page. The four corners of the page should all have text and buttons, while new ones are required to appear on the center.

Select Server and Press Play

You must now select the server. To do this, click ‘ Select server by ping‘. It is important to record the ping number as shown over the top of the page. This number is the IP address of the server you’re playing on.

You can also write your IP address once you have played by looking at the lower-left corner, too.

Connect to the IP

Any computer that wishes be a part of the server may copy the server’s code into the IP section of and play in the same lobby! It is important to ensure that NTLMod has been available on another system too or else it won’t function.


Now, play with your colleagues in this identical servers!

Understanding NTLMod

NTLMod includes a lot more options than just multiplayer. There are a few examples: skin-specific support, a brand-new settings menu as well as teams.


NTLMod adds skins to the game which you can modify to suit your preferences. Click the Skins button in the menu to alter the slither snake. There are many customization options available with this mod.


NTLMod provides new options to customize the settings of your game. When you click on the settings button, you’ll find options that relate to the game’s images along with the settings for snakes. You are free to alter the settings to suit your needs best.

I would suggest pressing to the ” Adjust all settings for least CPU usage & max FPS” to get a significant boost in FPS if play on an old machine. There are also options to alter the color of text. You can customize all aspects in the UI with this mod.

If you encounter any issues regarding settings, you may always reset them back to the default settings through pressing ” Reset all to defaults” button.

You are also able to backup and restore the settings. It will then compile your settings and then let you download the settings in the form of an “.ntlmod” file. This file can be used later to change settings at a later date.


Additionally, it has an “teams” mode that makes your snakes invulnerable to injury from players in their team. You can also have fun with your buddies and form ” clans” of players. Chat functions will not function without a team.

It is however only a cost-based option. It is not required to make use of this feature in order to play in multiplayer.


How Do I Play With Friends on Mobile

There is currently no option you can play with mobile players as of default. However, you can still search for servers at the same time and then hope that you are connected to exactly the same servers.

I saw another extension called “ Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots,” that has also been released on Mozilla. What should I do instead of NTLMod? Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins Bots mod, also known in the form of, used to be a great mod for playing with friends. However, the downside to this mod is the latest update to this mod came out in the year 2019..

Development appears to have stopped completely, as is evident from the absence of updates. NTLMod is, on the contrary on the other hand, updates frequently, and includes more settings for customization. One benefit for this extensions is that it’s accessible on Mozilla-based browsers..

Be cautious, however there are many users who have had issues with pop-ups and ads with this version. Safety isn’t 100% guaranteed by this version of the modpack. The user experience may differ.

I Cannot Connect to My Friend’s IP?

The device of your friend may have an a an IP lock, or may not connect to the Internet. Also, ensure that your friend is running NTLMod running on their browser. Try these settings again and try again.


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