How to Find IP Address of Website
How to Find IP Address of Website

IP Address of Website

IP Address of Website : There are a variety of ways you can determine the IP address of a web site. It can be accomplished by using the command line, web browser or even an application. In this step-by-step guide we’ll show you how to get an IP address for a site with a few simple steps.

Pinging a Domain Name

An URL, Uniform Resource Locator provides information about the location of a particular webpage, page or file on the Internet in a form that can be read by humans. A Domain Name is element of an URL. For example, is the domain name in the URL

Every domain name has either one, or several IP addresses that are associated with it. This is how data packets are transported over the Internet.

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Ping, which is a contraction of the word “Packet Internet Groper” is a network tool used to check the connectivity. You can ping a website name and locate the IP address.

Step 1. Open Command Prompt app in Windows or Terminal on Mac. Alternatively, you can use Network Utility app on Mac.

In order to open Command Prompt, press the Windows ( ) key, then enter “cmd”. Choose Command Prompt from the result of a search.

Command Line Window
Windows Command Line

Step 2. At the command prompt, use the command prompt to type “ping” and a website name. For instance, ping Ping a domain name of a website

You’ll see the IP number in your ping results. The dot-dotted decimal following the reply from is the IP address of the website.

Ping in Network Utility Mac
Ping in Network Utility Mac (Credit Macworld)

Using NSlookup

Nslookup is a tool for network use that allows you to query an DNS (Domain Name System) to get the domain name, an IP address, as well as the existence of any DNS record associated with a site.

Command Line NSLOOKUP

Step 1. Enter nslookup into the prompt for commands, then hit Enter.

Step 2. Enter server x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the DNS server. It is possible to use an IP address belonging to one of the most popular DNS servers like Google cloudflare, cloudflare, or OpenDNS. In the case of Google DNS, the IP address is Hit Enter.

Step 3. Type in the URL of the site you wish to locate the IP address of and then press enter.


The result is stored under addresses. For websites that are popular you may have several IP addresses.

Trace Route is a site

TraceRoute is a useful tool for network analysis to identify the network route the data packet takes. It also displays the IP address for each hop router on the route.

Step 1. On the command prompt at the command prompt, type the word tracert and then enter the URL of the site.

If you press Enter the network connection will be able to travel along the routers before arriving at the domain name of the website. The last, or the final IP address will be the address for a website.

Sometimes, you’ll occasionally, you will see * instead of an IP address for intermediary routers. Certain companies don’t want to reveal their IP addresses for security reasons.

Google DNS Lookup

You can find the IP address for a website through a search on a popular DNS website. For instance, Google provides an online page that will reveal the IP address details of a domain’s.

Step 1. Go to Google’s DNS searchsite

Step 2. Step 2. Type in the URL into the Name field. You will see the URL of the website that you typed in.Google DNS Lookup

Utilizing the Site24x7’s website

Web hosting websites may provide an address search service. For example, Site24x7 offers DNS information search on their site.

Step 1. Go to Site24x7

Step 2. In the Domain Name field, and click the Analyze button.

You can look up the IP address as well as other details about the site. There are many tools on the site including web ping, DNS analysis, or vulnerability checks.

IPInfo Site

IPinfo has a useful page that allows you to verify the DNS information for a site.

Finding IP Address with IPInfo Website

Step 1. Go to the the IPInfo website.

Step 2. Type the name of the website in the the IP-Address, Domain or URL box, then press Enter.

The IP address of the site you have entered is displayed in the DNS Lookup.

Global DNS Checker

This website examines the information that DNS servers across the globe are reporting on results from DNS search results for a site.

Step 1. Visit the The Global DNS Checker website.

Step 2. Enter the name of the website into the Domain field, and select your record type to be an option in IPv4 Address search. Hit Lookup.

An IP address for a site is listed under the Result.

Whois Search

It is possible to use any of the search sites to determine the IP address for the domain name. For this instance we will make use of Domaintools web site.

Step 1. Utilizing a web browser open, go to DomainTools

Step 2. Enter the address of the website within the Whois Search and click search.

The IP address of the website at the end of the result page.

Type Website Name in a Popular Search Engine

If the address that you are trying to trace is for the most popular website, search engines might keep the IP address within its cache. Simply typing a name of the website in the search box will lead you to the exact site. Enter the word “ip address” after the domain name.

Step 1. Visit the search engine’s page. Google is a well-known search engine. It is possible to search using the address bar on the latest web browsers.

Step 2. In the search box in the search field, type in the name of the website followed by IP address then press Enter.

If IP Address details are available, it will display the IP address of the site that was searched for.

Mobile Device App to search for IP Address Search

With tablets and smartphones getting more and more popular so this article won’t be enough without a mention of an option for mobile users. While you can utilize an app on your phone to look up an IP address for an online site, you should utilize a dedicated application to accomplish this. There are a variety of applications that can do the job on the two platforms, Android as well as iPhone. For this post we’ve picked Fing, a network application that is free. Fing.

Step 1. Install the Fing application for Your Android smartphone or iPhone. It’s a no-cost application for networks and lets you discover more than the IP address of the website.

Step 2. Start the Fing application then tap the Trace Route button from the tools that are available.

Step 3. Enter the website’s name and press Trace Route.

The IP address of the website as the IP address that is the last hop. If there are multiple hops between your location and the website server , you’ll need scroll down to locate an IP address for the domain name.


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