How to Factory Reset Android Without a Password
How to Factory Reset Android Without a Password

How to Factory Reset Android Without a Password : You may need to reset your phone factory in the event that you forget the security code on the screen. Resetting it will erase your personal information and data, it will allow you to unlock the phone and keep yourself from purchasing another one. How do you reset it without having the password?

For Android users, it is possible to utilize Android Device Manager in the event that you’ve turned on Find My Device. It helps you locate your phone’s location and erase data. Additionally, you can restart your Android phone by pressing the power button.

In this post, we will discuss how you can completely reset the factory settings of your Android phones without using a password.

How to Factory Reset Android Without a Password

If you do not know the phone’s password If you don’t know the password, you can reset your Android phone using the power and volume buttons. The procedure for hard reset the locked Android phone is different between brands. This is why I have listed every step needed to wipe out all data on different Android smartphones below.

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It is based upon your Samsung handset model you have, there’s various methods to reset factory settings on Samsung without using a password. I’ve provided the steps in two distinct Samsung models.

Without a Power Button and Bixby

Here are steps you need to take for Samsung phones that do not have physical Home Button or the Power Button as well as Bixby.

  1. On your phone Press to hold the volume up Button and the side Buttons together and hold them together. Release the button when the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  2. There will be the Android Recovery menu on the screen. Press the Volume Down Button to go to Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
  3. Press on the Side Button to open it.
  4. Select Factory Data Reset and wait until the process is complete
  5. Once more, the Android Recovery menu shows on your screen. Select the Reboot System Now to reboot your phone.

With a Power Button and Bixby

Find out how to erase the data from the Samsung phone by pressing The Power button.

  1. Long Press long on the Voltage Up ButtonPower Button along with Bixby and hold them down until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  2. It displays the Android Recovery Menu displays on your screen.
  3. Use the Volume Down button to navigate to wipe data or factory settings. Reset
  4. Click the Power Button to open it
  5. Select Factory Data to reset, and then wait for the process to be completed
  6. Following the completion of the process, you will see the Android Recovery Menu appears in your phone’s screen. Select the Reboot System Now option to restart your phone.

NOTE: If you didn’t delete your Samsung account or Google account prior to resetting your phone, then you’ll be required to sign into the account in order to continue following the system restarts.


To erase all the data from OnePlus phones Follow the steps below.

  1. Press on the the Power Button and hold it for several seconds to turn off your OnePlus device.
  2. In the meantime, press at the same time the button that is the Volume Down Button as well as the Power Button or the Volume Up Button and Power Key Button to turn off the volume, based on the model of your device. Release it when the OnePlus logo appears on the screen.
  3. Select and tap on the desired language from the drop-down menu
  4. On the Recovery Menu, tap on Wipe Data
  5. You’ll have to type your verification code that will be displayed in the display to verify
  6. When your Format Data menu appears Click the Format and allow the process to finish
  7. Tap on the Ok button


Find out how to erase your data on LG phones.

  1. Turn off your LG phone
  2. Long Press the Power and Volume Down Button simultaneously and hold it till you see the LG Logo displays on the screen.
  3. When the LG logo is displayed, you must release your button and press the Power Button to Press and hold it again. Do not remove your fingers from the Volume Button When You’re Doing This
  4. release both button only at the time Factory Data Reset appears on the screen
  5. Make use of your Button to turn the Volume Button for selecting yes. yes option and then press the Power Button to activate it.
  6. When the phone restarts the phone will prompt users to input their Google Account Password to restore the data or continue. You can, however, bypass this step.


Below are how you need to follow to wipe Data for Xiaomi phones without password.

  1. Hold on the power Button of your smartphone to turn it off.
  2. Now you can Press then the volume up and power Button in sync , and keep it in sync until Mi Logo appears on the screen.
  3. There will be the the Main Menu on the screen
  4. Utilizing The Volume Button, select Wipe Data and hit the Power Button to enable
  5. When Wipe data appears, simply press the Volume Up/Down and select Wipe All Data. Once more Press the Power Button to start the settings.
  6. Hold the power button to open the option to confirm that you have wiped All Data’

How to Reset Stolen Phone Using Android Device Manager

If your phone has been stolen If you have lost your phone, you can utilize Android Device Manager to locate and restore your phone’s data. However, prior to that, you must transfer your Google account data to enable Find My Device on your phone. Take a look at the steps.

  1. Open a web browser on your smartphone and visit
  2. Log into the Google Account you have created. Google Account and select the desired Android Mobile for your factory reset
  3. To reset your phone, simply click “Erase Device”
  4. Again, tap on Erase Device to confirm and log in to your Google Account
  5. When you are on the Erase All Data Menu Tap on the the Erase button for reset

How to Factory Reset Android With Password

You can erase all information on Android by navigating to the phone’s settings when you are aware of your password for the lock screen. But, ensure that you know the password before resetting your device as this will erase all data. The steps for reset are the same for every Android phones. Follow the steps below.

NOTE: Your phone must be in good condition with a decent battery charge prior to the start of the process. If not, connect your phone into the charging port prior the process begins.

  1. On your smartphone, navigate to Settings > About Phone
  2. Tap on Factory Reset Option
  3. Click on Erase All Data to reset factory settings
  4. Click Remove all Data for more information.
  5. To confirm the confirmation, tap Remove All Data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Factory Reset Delete Everything?

Factory Reset deletes all your information on your phone. Also, it is recommended to you should only factory reset your phone after you have confirmed that you have done it. If you back up everything in your google account You can restore the backup data even after the factory reset.

How Do I Bypass the Previously Synced Google Account on Android After Reset?

After reset, your phone is still asking you to enter Google account’s details, when it’s connected. Therefore, if you’d like to completely reset your phone, remove your Google account first. Here are the steps you need to take out of Settings below.

  1. On your phone you can go there: settings > users and Accounts
  2. Make sure to tap onto the Google Account you have created. Google Account
  3. In the upper-right corner part of the screen, press the three dots to start the menu
  4. Choose the “Remove Account” option.


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