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How LinkedIn Business Manager Can Increase Your Business’ Efficiency by at least 50% if not more!

If you are a small business owner like me, or a medium/large business owner, then you are now already familiar with the pain of using multiple Ad accounts for multiple purposes. It has always been a task to keep a track of all the LinkedIn Ad accounts, specially when it comes to giving some new guy a restricted or full access to the already stable account or showing it to your business clients.

LinkedIn-business Manager

But even though there have been several struggles in managing multiple LinkedIn campaign manager accounts, it is always worth it, isn’t it?

Well, I am here today with good news! LinkedIn ads has come up with a new solution for small and large businesses, in the name of LinkedIn Business Manager.

While other products from LinkedIn Ads like LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and LinkedIn Audience Network would remain the same, LinkedIn Business manager is a new addition to the LinkedIn ads ecosystem.

So, in short, The LinkedIn Business Manager increases the overall work efficiency by bringing all its products under one single interface.

Latest features that LinkedIn Business Manager offers

Since this tool is just an addition to their Sponsored contents ecosystem, LinkedIn Ads has given us the option to bring all its products at one place for a seamless interaction between all its products. This product offers similar features like the Facebook Business Manager.

For example, it offers a way to update LinkedIn audiences from one place for all the accounts associated with it, you can add/remove any user and grant multiple level permissions to them for easy sharing. Let us have a look in detail:

1. Manage Multiple LinkedIn Ad accounts at one place

If you are someone with multiple LinkedIn Campaign manager accounts to promote your content on LinkedIn then the new Business Manager is going to ease your work extremely too much! With this tool you can easily manage all your Ad accounts at one place. More features for ad accounts include addition/removal of new users, sync your audiences from one place across all your campaign manager accounts, etc.

Please note that you need to have a LinkedIn Campaign manager account first if you want to access the new business manager. Please refer the screenshot below to see where to find it. In case you would like to know how to create LinkedIn Campaign manager account, then please let us know in the comments and we will guide you step by step.

Linkedin campaign manager

2. Manage multiple LinkedIn Business Pages

If you own more than one business pages on LinkedIn for your clients or your own then the new Business manager for LinkedIn can help you in managing all these pages from a single user interface. This helps in reducing the overall time wastage in logging into multiple LinkedIn business accounts.

Managing multiple pages on the same interface also means that you will be able to have a broader view of the audiences that are interacting with your posts and Sponsored contents on LinkedIn.

You can find more details on How to add multiple LinkedIn pages into the business manager here.

3. Add or remove multiple users for your accounts

This tool also provides a new way to provide access to the people that you want to manage the ad accounts, just like Google business and Facebook business managers.


This completely removes the task of adding the same people on several Campaign manager and LinkedIn business pages accounts one by one.

So, why use LinkedIn Business Manager for my business?

While efficiency is going to be a key metrics if you choose to use the business manager, here are some summarized points below:

  • Better optimize your LinkedIn marketing spends by accessing all the relevant information from all your Campaign manager accounts, pages and matched audiences.
  • It provides a way for your team members to better collaborate with each other as it removes the need of multiple logins and access, ultimately reducing the time to reach your desired target audiences.
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