Bing Ads – Advertising on Bing Ads Explained

Marketers use Bing Ads when the product or brand to promote require the users to have more intent towards checking their product or buying.There are two types of Ads that Bing Ads offers currently and they are : Bing Search Ads and Bing Display Ads.

Bing Search Ads

Bing search ads example

As we know, Bing is one of the largest Search engine currently, especially in the Tier1 geos. The users that use bing search already are interested in a certain service or product. For example, if a user searches for “party dresses for men” then this user is most likely to buy a dress for an upcoming occasion.

Thus, search terms that the users feed to Bing can be used to precisely target people with different intents. The chances of conversion on search Ads are a lot better as compared to the social media ads. This also means that you might have to pay slightly higher CPCs as compared to the social media or display Ads.

Bing Display Ads

Bing Display Ads are more like the ads that we see on social media, which means that you need to use creatives here for your ad copies, unlike the search ads that use just texts.


The Display ads are commonly displayed on the articles which are related to audience that you choose to target. 

Bing display ads-technewsonlineorg

How can I advertise my Business on Bing Ads?

In my last article, I explained how you can create campaigns on the Facebook Business Manager, and the steps for creating a campaign on Bing Ads is comparatively similar. In case you missed it, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “previous” to get to the previous post or click here.


Let us get started to advertise your business on Bing Ads, the steps are mentioned below:

  • First step is to create a bing ads account by visiting this URL:
  • Once you complete the signup then you will see a screen like it’s shown in the screenshot below:
  • The next step is to click on “Campaigns” and go to the campaigns page where you can see all of the existing campaigns (Once you create more than 1 campaign).
  • Click on the blue button that says “create”.
  • In the next step, you will have the options as below:
  • Visits to my website
    Visits to my business location(s)
    Conversions in my website
    Phone calls to my business
    App installs
    Smart campaign
    Sell products from your catalog
    Promote your apps and games
    Video views
  • Just select the best possible option that you need for your campaigns and click next.

Just go ahead with the next steps and fill the required boxes. Once the campaign is created then it would need sometime to be approved by the Bing Ads review team. 

You will notice the clicks start coming after a few hours. In case you face any issues or have any further concerns related to Bing Ads, please feel free to reach out to us through the comment section or through “contact us” button.

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