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The best PC games scene has changed in recent times both in terms of the advancements in technology for graphic cards or game monitors and also in the makeup of the IGN’s PC gamers and other contributors. In the end, with the exception of the most renowned players our selection of the most popular contemporary PC games is significantly different from the previous years.

This list is not an attempt to select any of the “best” of or “most significant” PC games ever made. This isn’t a list of the most played games on the market, or one that aims to showcase the best games from all genres. This is an assortment of 25 games we as IGN editor and other contributors have a consensus on the top games according to our preferences and experience over the last 10 years. This is the Best PC Games in 2023.

Best Pc Games To Look

If you are someone who wants to play best pc games and need the best games in the world which is ranked high, we have made a list of best 25 games for you.

25. Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan’s epic tale of love, loyalty and the cost of fame is just an introductory chapter in Red Dead Redemption 2. The amazing PC port has redesigned and amplified the breathtaking wild western setting of the most recent open-world adventure , and also added more unlockables, activities, and incredibly fine details to the vast map. It’s probably one of the largest and most impressive single-player PC games of all time and includes a plethora of multiplayer modes as well.

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The possibilities for a variety of adventures in its vast sandbox full of outlaws, towns and animals was infinite and the PC version adds the addition of new adventures, treasures, equipment and much more on top of the 60plus hours worth of stories that is available in the game’s base. 

It’s not even counting the multiplayer features that are included with Red Dead Online in addition to the option to grow and modify the game using modifications. The RDR2 PC game is an absolute must-play for those who has a computer that is powerful enough to play it.

Red Dead 2 cracked the top five of our current listing of top open-world titles. Within just four years, the game has placed on our list of the top-selling video games ever.

24. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the closest thing we’ve ever had to a close-to-perfect representation that of our real-world surroundings within the virtual realm and the latest updates are moving it closer. The use of real-time Bing data that allows users to fly from and to any location across the globe has raised the standard for simulations to levels that have never been ever before.

Open to all, or as realistic as you’d like It’s the open-world of its purest form. You can fly around the world for free or taking part in landing competitions on some of the well-known airports, or simply taking a stroll around, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an amazing accomplishment. Make sure to get some of the top joysticks for PC to make the flight simulation experience even more enjoyable.

Designer Asobo Studio most recently released A Plague Tale Requiem in which we described as an “safe but thrilling sequel featuring an astonishingly alarming number of rodents.”

23. The Civilization VI series by Sid Meier. Civilization VI

There’s no way to go wrong with any of the primary games in Sid Meier’s legendary Civilization series. However, with upgrades and expansions Civilization VI is now been regarded among the top. Like the previous five versions of Civ VI, Civ VI lets you take your players from tribes of nomadic people to a an expansive near-future kingdom in collaboration or competition with your neighbors, but this time accompanied by the voice of Sean Bean himself.

However, the unique method of city building where major structures like special areas and Wonders are built within their individual tiles give it a new flavour, and it’s climate-change mechanics that bring new environmental concerns that are long-term and risks that are evident in the final game. The game is also the closest title in the franchise to providing its AI leaders with definite and fascinating characters (which isn’t to suggest that they’re flawless! ).

Firaxis’s newest gamecalled Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available. Its reviewer Dan Stapleton called it “an extensive strategic RPG that makes good use of game mechanics for cards to add variety and uncertainty into the game’s excellent combat.”

22. Dota 2

MOBAs have earned themselves a name as being a bit clunky and hard to master, but they are extremely beneficial for those who invest the effort. Take a few hours of time playing Dota 2 and you’ll be able to understand the reason. Although all matches are played on the same map and have only one goal with its over 100 characters and the countless items make every round feel distinct.

Since every second counts Every second counts, matches are always entertaining even when they appear to be slow. Are you farming gold? Are you monitoring the enemies? Are you crossing the map to assist an ally? or returning to the base to rest? The complexity of it can turn players away but those who make it through will reap the rewards by some of the best strategic play around.

21. Prey (2017)

Few games cause you to feel fearful for your life after seeing the most ordinary of objects that are inanimate like the game Prey does. And even less yet will give you the ability to transform into the objects you encounter. It might appear like a typical first-person shooter/RPG, but it’s set in an abandoned space station after a disaster at the top, yet this engrossing simulation is among the most bizarre of them all.

To fight the constant threat of adversaries that could appear to be anything before it’s all over, Prey gives you a variety of interesting, original and sometimes thrilling tools. Then, you can decide which of them you’d like to utilize the most. This, along with a plot that combines the most effective of both its bioshock as well as Dishonored influences creates Prey an excellent choice of single-player PC games which shouldn’t be missed.

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Designer Arkane Austin is working on the co-operative game called vampire Redfall which is due to be released in the first quarter of 2023.

20. Control

Control In several ways, is the final product of Remedy’s ideas for design from the previous games that have been distilled down to the best version and then merged into one thrilling, thrilling adventure. Jesse Faden’s tale of snooping into federal bureaucratic office includes a fantastic range of capabilities that are typical of a good telepath. It’s a thrilling bizarre story that has an unforgettable cast, surprising surprises, as well as a fascinating place that is grounded in the past.

Remedy has filled Control’s space with tiny things that make its strange concepts come to life, giving surprising life to every inch of its office building’s veneer. Like its primary location The Oldest House, much more is under Control’s surface. Control and its secrets are worth exploring. Additionally it is worth noting that the PC is the sole location to play games with the ability to ray trace, which gives the world a more realistic nonetheless more alien-like appearance. This is perhaps the reason this great single-player PC game was awarded the award for the 2019 Game of year award?

19. Stardew Valley

From the time Stardew Valley was released in 2016, it has become a staple in PC gaming and could be the only one to be responsible for reviving the genre of farming sims in general. In the past there’s been no other game that has managed to duplicate its outstanding combination of RPG-like mechanics, a gratifying gameplay loop, mellow and beautiful music, and a constantly growing number of things to do while you spend your time in the lush countryside.

The most recent major update to the game is its largest yet, introducing an entirely new world to explore, along with new characters to meet, new tasks to complete, as well as of content. It’s essentially a complete expansion, except it’s a free upgrade for the game. No matter if you’re a brand new player as well as returning to your 100+-hour farm, Stardew valley remains one of the top games that you can experience on PC.

The developer of Stardew Valley is now working on a brand-new Sim named Haunted Chocolatier.

18. Genshin Impact

With 48 characters playable (and counting) and three huge major areas to explore, as well as significant events and activities for mid-to-late-game players each month, Genshin Impact is among the most captivating free-to-play titles available – both in terms of content and overall quality. Alongside its narrative-based campaign, there’s plenty of fantastic side-quests, companion events, and stories that give players a opportunity to further understand characters and solve puzzles, track for treasures and participate in events that are only available for a limited time.

When you’ve reached the conclusion of the constantly expanding story There are also boss battles and other world-based activities that which you can play online with your friends, stats and weapon optimizations that allow you to increase the level of your playable characters that you’ve acquired and much of other. Although the final game can be said to be an exhaustion because of the randomness that high-level characters require, and other occasional issues with balance, Genshin Impact is generally an absolute blast all through.

Fortunately the gatcha (or method by which you draw random rewards using premium currency with the aim of having a more powerful item or character) It’s not too intrusive and isn’t difficult to get premium currency for free without spending. It can be a bit time-consuming some time to accumulate enough to secure a five-star figure, however it’s possible and you’ll most likely get other characters as you go along.

Genshin Impact took home the Player’s Voice Award at The Game Awards 2022.

17. Grand Theft Auto 5 / GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V’s vast, yet precise map remains the standard to which all open-world titles aim to be. It’s not just massive, but it’s also incredibly packed with great content. Not only the shooting and driving and the three protagonist story which comprise the game’s campaign and isn’t limited to the many other activities that go on as well as all the sights as well as sounds and life you’d expect in a city that is brimming with human beings, and a dark underbelly that’s also included. 

With plenty to explore, do and explore it, as an individual-player game on PC as well as Grand Theft Auto Online, as well as great tools for creativity or mods. The game is incredible on many levels.

With so many things to explore, do, and enjoy it, both as a single player PC game as well as Grand Theft Auto Online as well as great and innovative devices along with mods that are truly fantastic at multiple levels. And with the brand new Cayo Perico update that adds a new island and solo heist to the map, not to mention to mention that the game is arriving on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and there’s no sign that GTA V going to pasture any time soon.

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Rockstar has confirmed the GTA series is in the works. The show is expected to feature the return of Vice City and star the first female-playable persona in Bonnie and Clyde-inspired story — information which were reportedly confirmed by a huge leak of GTA 6.

16. Forza Horizon 5

Driving games have been an important, long-running and admired element in the world of video games. However, it requires a particular type to capture our imaginations, both auto-mad and the car-snobby with such a success. In that sense, Forza Horizon 5 is truly unique. A fast and smooth game that offers total freedom of the road built on one of the most open-world race series for more than 10 years, Forza Horizon 5 broke into the market in a way that not any of its predecessors did.

This huge, MMO-inspired racer is one of the prettiest most diverse, feature-rich and most customizable Forza Horizon game ever, and it’s a great fit for a variety of players. You can choose to stress over your car’s design and take off milliseconds from your racing times or simply speed around in the air and crash into an acacia or two (hundred) the game will have you covered.

15. Kill the Spire

In a Roguelike, the game is about variety: Slay the Spire’s continuously changing sets of abilities decks, powerful and powerful items and the three wildly different characters playable keep these combats on the turn exciting and fresh for a longer time than they’re entitled to. As you watch your character’s abilities and defenses, abilities, and power evolve over the course of the three chapters is an enjoyable experience, and throwing your hands in at the end of the game and knowing that you’ll never get to play it again similar to leaving a friend that you just got to meet.

The prospect of finding a more exciting combination next time can be a challenge to not pressing that New Game button, and the randomly-generated Daily Climb runs provide even the most experienced players an exciting way to play each day.

14. Apex: Legends

Apex Legends surprise began in February 2019 and has been setting the bar higher for battle royales since. The game was inspired by the gunplay and movements of Respawn’s highly acclaimed Titanfall 2, Apex also implemented the Overwatch-style abilities of its characters, which gave it a completely different feel from the other big gamers of the game. Although Apex is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and the Switch and mobile devices, on PC Apex is the most natural and fluid because it allows us the opportunity to take advantage of the wide range of movement that it has to offer.

Additionally, it has Apex Arenas as a permanent mode that mimics round-based games similar to those found in Valorant where you are able to purchase weapons and abilities in advance of each round. It also has 3v3 battles. Even if you’re not a fan of battle royales you can still find a way to play and have fun. With its steady stream in updates that occur every three or every four months Apex Legends stands out as one of the top free-to-play PC games each year.

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13. God of War

God of War had a major impact when it was released as an exclusive PlayStation exclusive in the year 2018 winning the IGN Game of the Year prize. Its success wasn’t based on the platform it was released on, and the release on Steam in the early 2022 season made it accessible to the world’s largest audience, one who should definitely take the chance to try it in the event that they’ve never played it previously.

The reimagining of the original series is amazing, right from its fantastic and challenging combat to the deeply touching story that connects it. It’s beautifully presented and comprehensive in its depth and draws on its roots and reworking it in a manner that is fresh and new. It’s an absolute standout from the past decade, and definitely should be included in the ranks of other PC outstanding titles as it’s now available.

The eagerly expected sequel God of War: Ragnarok, is now available for purchase on PS5 as well as PS4. IGN has awarded it a 10-point review score and called it the best action-adventure game in 2022.

12. Divinity: The Original Sin 2 – The Definitive Edition

Divinity Original Sin 2 has established it as an one of the most memorable RPGs ever made. It expertly blends elements of classic cRPGs and more modern designs and mechanics which feel old and modern while still being fresh. It has also improved the combat of its predecessor by making its systems more robust while at the same time simplifying and smoothing the clunky parts as well as added a shrewdly new AI.

There’s a huge variety of games to play. With six unique character types, personal tags that you can create your own, and more than 74,000 words of fully voiced dialogue, this huge RPG will have enough to keep you returning to it.

11. Final Fantasy XIV Online

In the end, Final Fantasy XIV isn’t just the most popular MMO that you can play today, but it’s also a great Final Fantasy game in its own as well. Through its relaunch , and its subsequent expansions of four, FFXIV has slowly morphed from a largely generic good-versus evil story into a sprawling thrilling, and political thriller. The most recent extension, Endwalker, is a satisfying end to the game’s 8+ year storyline. It brings back familiar characters, settling old scores, and, of course, helping to save our world from most devastating disaster to ever hit.

Don’t be intimidated because it’s on the internet. Even though it’s an MMO, Square-Enix has streamlined the game so that even if you don’t wish to, you do not need to join with other players. The story missions are designed to be completed solo, as well as instanced dungeons offer the option to join a computer-controlled group of members , rather than having you join an uninviting group of strangers. It’s an all-inclusive MMO with an end-game raiding system that can range from completely accessible to a gruellingly brutal.

FF14 was declared the Most Outstanding Ongoing Game of 2022 by both IGN and The Game Awards.

10. Hades

Hades is the best-selling Roguelite genre and isn’t even far from it. From its exciting combat to its amazing soundtrack, to its well-written and clever narrative that has characters who appear to never run out of interesting things to say up to its unique and deep post-game experience that will make you want to play again even after you’ve defeated the previous boss.

Hades is extremely difficult yet it doesn’t feel like a snare in the event of defeat. The process of dying is part of the game and comes with rewards of its own through new conversations with the fascinating characters, new opportunities to purchase game-changing upgrades, as well as the opportunity for a fresh run featuring a brand different set of godly benefits that drastically alter the way you tackle battle. Hades is an exemplary example of roguelite style, and is yet another example of why Supergiant Games just doesn’t miss.

Hades 2 is a sequel. Hades 2. was revealed during The Game Awards.

9. Outer Wilds

Each 22 minute period, the action stops – then restarts. The sands that have passed between the two planets return to their origins A planet that has been shattered becomes one, and you wake up to see an unknown object break up yet again. Within Outer Wilds, you’re stuck for 22 minutes until you be able to solve the mystery of how you’ve gotten stuck in that time loop in addition to other mysteries, through investigating the ruins left behind by a long-dead civilization on several planets.

The beautiful, heartfelt, and touching space adventure is one the most impressive examples of exploration and discovery in video games. Outer Wilds encourages you to take a spaceship on a journey and explore wherever you like and then remain on the planet you’ve always known and explore what’s happening. If you’re feeling confused or require a suggestion about what you should do in the future Your activities and progress will be recorded in the log of your spacecraft that can help you know what’s left to see in the region.

The only thing that will limit your enthusiasm is time, however this can sometimes be your friend. The puzzles in the short expansion are as exciting as those you’ll find in the other areas of Outer Wilds, but the intense, constant tension that is present in Echoes of the Eye will make every step in the overall feeling of mystery much more enjoyable.

8. XCOM 2

The XCOM sequel builds upon the fantastic high-stakes, tactical battle of XCOM Enemy Unknown and it’s War of the Chosen expansion made it more impressive. The game is akin to the tension that comes with transitioning from an underdog in technology to a powerful war machine with the ever-present danger of permanent loss of your own soldiers hanging over each choice.

But it flips the basic formula of protecting Earth from invaders of aliens upside down by boldly reimagining XCOM as an armed guerrilla force that is trying to save the Earth from alien invasion and making the scenario more urgent than it has ever. This larger, deeper sequel is not only more complex by introducing the latest and more powerful soldier classes, weapons and aliens as well as a major concentration on replayability. Maps generated procedurally keep players from getting stuck in an unrepeatable pattern during tactical missions. Frequently occurring events on the map can shake up your builds and research commands as well as mods are plentiful.

7. FTL”FTL” means Faster Than Light.

It’s hard to find a game that gives you the sensation of commanding an aircraft flying around in the pant like FTL Faster than Light. This is a game that you shouldn’t think of surviving but most likely, you’ll get shot from the sky by an incredibly superior enemy ship , or be sucked into by a group of massive killer insects that slaughter your team. Perhaps your life support system could be compromised, and everyone will be suffocated.

It’s not about winning. It’s an opportunity to create stories, and you’ll be able to discuss your experience when you landed the most powerful beam weapon combo which slashes enemy ships to ribbons while yours remains hidden, or even sped the boarding party to space as your crew laughed in front of the reinforced bulkhead doors. The tactical battle never gets boring, plenty of loot and random happenings keep the game fresh and exciting unlockable ships make it necessary to alter the way you play in subsequent games. Every now and then you may even take home a victory.

6. Crusader Kings 3

Although historical strategy games are famous for their incredibly complex systems that are nearly impenetrable but they also tell personal stories that unfold when the great characters come together. Crusader Kings 3 provides a myriad of ways to tell these stories, whether it’s the overwhelming military might, the shrewdness of a well-placed marriage, or putting your enemies to death by utilizing a cloak and dagger storyline.

CK3 can also make these complex systems as easy as they’ve ever been by incorporating a powerful nested tooltip system that allows even newcomers to the game’s depth. The most recent expansion, Royal Court, adds an enhanced physical area that zooms in so that the ruler of your empire can look his opponents in the eye and make individual decisions and making world-wide rulings. The expansion also incorporates an intricately redesigned culture system through the game, providing you with an opportunity to make your empire appear distinct, and all the advantages and consequences that come with it.

We also rated Crusader Kings 3 one of the top PC Game Pass games.

5. Elden Ring

In the just a few months since its release Elden Ring’s image has only increased, which is a bit crazy to even imagine the fact that when it first came out was among the most highly game reviews ever. This is all well-deserved as Elden Ring really is an incredible accomplishment in the open-world game genre.

Its world is fascinating to explore, filled with unforgettable adventures, great rewards and impressive boss fights covering the entirety of its massive map. The only thing holding it from being included on this list is it is still struggling in terms of performance on PC. However, that shouldn’t deter it from making an excellent selection to be among our top five favorite PC games ever.

4. Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium took old-fashioned CRPG gameplay and developed something totally modern using these mechanics. Along with transferring dice-rolls and rich dialogue options of Dungeons and Dragons into a less-known noir-detective world, it provides completely new strategies to play including engaging in debate against 24 different parts of your own brain each one displaying a distinct ability or characteristic.

Your down-and out detective is thrown into a situation where you have to solve a crime however, as with every great story, it’s not the ending that makes you happy and satisfying, but the route that you had to take to get there due to its amazingly detailed world and characters propel the plot, aided by the finest writing in a video game. The experience of playing Disco Elysium feels entirely fresh and is a complete departure from the other games you’ve played on a PC at any time or even this one.

The key players on members of the Disco Elysium development team are no longer working for the ZA/UM company, making the possibility of a Disco Elysium sequel likely. The tension between these development teams and ZA/UM has become very turbulent.

3. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the most contemporary Metroidvania’s available. It’s gorgeous, vast and filled with delightful details to uncover that will keep you entertained for hours. The world of Hallownest is one of the most brutal which is why Hollow Knight doesn’t ease you into it, which causes lots of players to bounce off initially , but once it does finally get its grip on you, it’s impossible to let go of.

The vast caves of Hollow Knight open and provide a variety of paths for players at any time however, no matter the way you travel, there are challenging bosses to face and massive powers that can help you become stronger. Even though it was already an enormous title, Hollow Knight has only grown in popularity since its launch in the beginning of 2017. 

The developer Team Cherry released multiple free updates that added new bosses and areas every one of them more challenging than the previous. However, whether you want to make it to the end and find the ultimate final chapter, or go higher beyond the previous levels, Hallownest is a world worth exploring.

2. Half-Life: Alyx

The full-length Alyx campaign puts all the stops in for a thrilling and terrifying combat against zombies and aliens when the simple action of reloading the weapon turns into a life-or-death battle as headcrabs fling themselves towards your face. There are other VR games feature amazing shooting, but nearly a year later there’s nothing that’s yet to match Valve’s quality of the graphics. Innovative three-dimensional puzzles as well as excellent and sometimes hilarious performances by its actors make the game more engaging and are culminated with an amazing conclusion that made the decade we waited for the next installment of Half-Life almost seem worth it.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The long, deep and complex RPGs are the norm in PC game play, however few have put a bigger amount of complex content in front as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has. The massive open-world sandbox areas are impressive with regard to size and density. They’re well-spaced with incredible monsters to take on, thrilling challenges to be solved and personal stories to unfold.

It’s also among the most impressive productions of gaming history and features a wealth of beautifully recorded dialogue, performed by an outstanding vocal cast. It also has an enthralling music score, as well as images that can be described as an artistic and technical achievement.

CD Projekt Red is working on the development of a fresh Witcher trilogy and the Unreal Engine 5 remake of The Witcher 1. It’s the Next-gen Witcher 3 update in turn, is now available . take a look at the Witcher 3 new-gen-performance review to learn more about the.

The first Half-Life game in the past 13 years brought us back to the unique innovation that been the hallmark of this series and the reason it was so eagerly much anticipated. The first Half-Life showed that you can create a compelling story within the first-person perspective without losing control of the camera as well Half-Life 2 introduced physics-based puzzles as well as fighting, Half-Life: Alyx established a new benchmark for the quality of VR shooters and offers an experience unlike any other. 

It’s so amazing, actually, we think it the game is worthy of an virtual reality headset for your PC , if you don’t yet (especially considering that it’s available for purchase). Meta Quest 2 can be bought for $300 and can be connected to your PC wirelessly through Air Link).

Upcoming PC Games 2023

As 2023 approaches, so does our list of upcoming notable releases. Fortunately the initial two weeks of the month of Febrauary provided PC gamers lots of brand new games in the run-up to the first big releases in 2023.

Those are our picks for the 25 best modern PC games! Obviously there are dozens of incredible games we couldn’t include, but that’s what happens when you only have 25 spots. Let us know in the comments what’s on your list that didn’t make ours, and be sure to check out our other best games lists — we update them whenever new, great games are made:


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