Best Mobile Games in 2023

best mobile games 2023

Best Mobile Games : Mobile gaming has come a long way in recent years, with many high-quality games now available on smartphones and tablets. Here are some of the best mobile games currently available, organized by genre.

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Action Games

  • PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile is a massively popular battle royale game that pits 100 players against each other on a deserted island. Players must scavenge for weapons and supplies while fighting to be the last one standing. The game features realistic graphics and smooth gameplay, making it one of the best mobile action games currently available.
  • Call of Duty: Mobile: This mobile version of the popular console and PC series brings the fast-paced, first-person shooter action to mobile devices. It includes a variety of modes, including a Battle Royale mode and a “Zombies” mode. The game also features a wide range of weapons and perks to unlock and customize.

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Adventure Games

  • Minecraft: Minecraft is a sandbox adventure game that allows players to explore, build, and create in a 3D world. The game features survival and creative modes, and the mobile version is just as robust and feature-rich as the console and PC versions.
  • The Room: Old Sins: The Room: Old Sins is a puzzle game that takes place in a mysterious dollhouse. Players must solve intricate puzzles to uncover the secrets of the dollhouse and the missing family that once lived there. The game features beautiful graphics and challenging puzzles that will keep players engaged for hours.

RPG Games

  • Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition: Final Fantasy XV is a full-fledged console RPG that has been adapted for mobile devices. The game features an epic story, a wide range of characters, and turn-based combat. The “Pocket Edition” of the game includes all of the content from the console version, making it one of the most comprehensive mobile RPG’s available.
  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades: The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a first-person RPG that takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe. Players create a custom character and embark on a quest to restore their homeland. The game features a variety of enemies to fight, dungeons to explore, and a crafting system to create powerful weapons and armor.

Strategy Games

  • Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is a massively popular strategy game that has been downloaded over a billion times. Players build and defend a village while attacking other player’s villages to earn resources. The game features a wide range of troops, spells, and defenses to unlock and upgrade, making it one of the most popular mobile strategy games.
  • Civilization VI: This mobile version of the popular PC series brings the turn-based empire-building gameplay to mobile devices. Players must lead their civilization from ancient times to modern day, making decisions that will shape the course of history. The game features a variety of historical leaders to play as, each with their own unique abilities.

Overall, there is a wide variety of mobile games available, and the above list is just a small sample. Whether you’re looking for action, adventure, RPG, strategy, or something else, there’s a mobile game out there for you. With the constant updates and improvement in technology and graphics of mobile devices, the experience of mobile gaming has become more and more immersive and enjoyable.

Best Mobile Games in 2023

PUBG Mobile :

The game was developed and published by Tencent Games, and it is based on the PC version of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). PUBG Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices, and it has been downloaded over 600 million times.


In PUBG Mobile, players are dropped onto a deserted island with 99 other players and must fight to be the last one standing. Players must scavenge for weapons, supplies, and vehicles while avoiding being killed by other players. The play area gradually gets smaller, forcing players to come into contact with each other and increasing the chances of a showdown. The game features a variety of weapons, including rifles, pistols, shotguns, and melee weapons, each with its own unique characteristics.


PUBG Mobile also includes a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and boats, which players can use to quickly move around the island and escape the play area. The game also features a variety of attachments and scopes that players can use to customize their weapons and improve their accuracy.


One of the unique features of PUBG Mobile is the “survival mode” in which players can play alone, with a partner, or in a squad of four players. This allows players to play with friends and strategize together to have a better chance of survival.


The game’s graphics and overall performance is quite impressive, especially when you consider that it’s a mobile game. The game is also updated regularly with new content, weapons, and features, keeping the game fresh and exciting for players.


Despite its popularity, PUBG Mobile has faced some controversy. The Indian government banned the game in September 2020 due to concerns about its impact on the youth. Additionally, some countries have implemented regulations to limit play time for minors, to prevent addiction and other negative effects.


Overall, PUBG Mobile is a highly entertaining and engaging game that has captured the attention of millions of players around the world. Its combination of fast-paced action and survival elements make it one of the best mobile action games currently available. With the constant updates and improvements, PUBG Mobile is sure to remain a popular game for a long time to come.

Call of Duty:

Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooter game that brings the popular console and PC series to mobile devices. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play the game:


Step 1: Download and Install the game: The first step is to download the game from the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device. Once it is downloaded, install the game and open it.


Step 2: Create a Profile: After the game is launched, you will be prompted to create a profile. Here you can choose your username, customize your avatar and select your preferred control scheme.


Step 3: Select a Game Mode: Once you have created your profile, you will be taken to the main menu where you can choose from a variety of game modes. Some of the popular modes include Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies. Select the mode you want to play and wait for the match to start.


Step 4: Customize Your Loadout: Before the match starts, you will be able to customize your loadout. You can choose from a variety of weapons, perks, and attachments to suit your playstyle.


Step 5: Start Playing: Once the match starts, you will be dropped into the game world. Your objective will depend on the game mode you have chosen. In multiplayer, you will have to eliminate other players to earn points. In Battle Royale, your objective is to be the last person standing. In Zombies mode, you will have to survive against hordes of zombies.


Step 6: Track Your Progress: As you play the game, you will earn experience points and level up. You will also earn in-game currency which you can use to purchase new weapons, perks and attachments. You can also track your progress in the game by checking your statistics and leaderboards.


Step 7: Repeat: Keep playing the game to improve your skills and become a better player. With each match, you will learn new strategies and gain experience that will help you in future matches.


Call of Duty: Mobile is a fast-paced and intense game that will keep you engaged for hours. With a wide variety of game modes, weapons and perks to unlock, and the ability to play with friends, it’s one of the best mobile FPS games available.

Minecraft :

Instructions on how to build a house in Minecraft:


  1. Gather materials: To build a house in Minecraft, you will need blocks of wood, cobblestone, or other materials. These can be obtained by breaking down trees, rocks, or other natural resources in the game.
  2. Choose a location: Decide on the location for your house. It should be a flat area with enough space for your house and a surrounding area for a garden or other features.
  3. Lay the foundation: Start by laying down blocks to create the foundation of your house. This can be done using wood planks, cobblestone, or other materials. Make sure the foundation is level and the same size as the planned house.
  4. Build the walls: Using the blocks you gathered, build the walls of your house. Start with the corners and work your way inward. Make sure to leave openings for doors and windows.
  5. Create a roof: To create a roof, place blocks on top of the walls. The roof can be made out of any material you have, but wooden planks are a common choice.
  6. Add interior details: Once the basic structure of your house is complete, you can add interior details such as a fireplace, furniture, and lighting.
  7. Decorate the exterior: Add decorations to the exterior of your house such as a garden, a porch, or a fence.
  8. Test your house: Once you’ve finished building your house, test it out to make sure it’s functional and comfortable.

The Room :

The Room is a puzzle game that was first released in 2012 on mobile devices, and later on PC and console. The game is set in a mysterious room where the player must solve a series of puzzles in order to progress through the story and uncover the secrets of the room. The gameplay revolves around manipulating a variety of objects in the room, such as turning keys, adjusting levers, and deciphering codes, in order to solve puzzles and unlock new areas of the room.


The game is known for its high-quality graphics and detailed, interactive environments. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible, and the player is given a variety of clues and hints to help them along the way. The game also features a unique touch-based control system that allows players to interact with objects in the room in a realistic and intuitive way.


The story of The Room is shrouded in mystery, and players must piece together the clues and solve the puzzles to uncover the truth behind the room and the characters that inhabit it. As the player progresses through the game, they will encounter a variety of strange and unsettling objects, including mysterious portals and hidden compartments, that hint at a deeper, more sinister story.


Overall, The Room is a well-crafted and engaging puzzle game that will keep players on their toes as they solve the mysteries of the room. It’s a game that challenges players to think creatively and pay attention to details, making it a must-play for anyone who loves a good mystery.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a mobile version of the popular console game Final Fantasy XV. The game features a condensed version of the story and gameplay from the original game, tailored for the mobile platform.


The player takes on the role of Prince Noctis and his companions as they embark on a journey to reclaim their kingdom and rescue the prince’s betrothed. The player will engage in real-time battles, explore the open world, and complete various quests to progress through the story. The game also features a day-night cycle, an open world and side-quests, as well as character progression, and a crafting system.


The game features a new art style, with colorful and whimsical designs. The character models are simplified but retain the same overall look and feel of the original game. The game also features a new touch-based control system that allows players to control the game with simple taps and swipes on the screen.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a great option for fans of the series who want to experience the game on the go, and for those who haven’t played the original console game but are interested in it. The game offers a more casual experience, with a simplified gameplay and storyline, but still retains the fun and adventure of the original game.

The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls is a series of action role-playing video games created by Bethesda Game Studios. The series is set in the fictional world of Tamriel and is known for its open-world gameplay, in which players can explore a vast game world and complete a wide variety of quests and tasks.


The first game in the series, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, was released in 1994 and was followed by The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall in 1996. The series then took a hiatus until the release of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in 2002, which was a critical and commercial success and is considered a classic of the RPG genre. Subsequent games in the series include The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006) and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011), which have also been met with critical and commercial success.


The games in the series are known for their vast open worlds, which are filled with a wide variety of environments, creatures, and characters. Players can explore these worlds and complete a wide variety of quests and tasks, such as battling monsters, completing dungeon crawls, and interacting with non-playable characters (NPCs). The series is also known for its deep and complex character customization options, allowing players to create unique characters and tailor them to their playstyle.


The series also features a strong emphasis on freedom and player choice, allowing players to complete quests in multiple ways and make decisions that affect the game world. With each game the series becomes more refined and more complex, introducing new features and mechanics with each iteration. With its rich history, open-world gameplay, and deep character customization options, The Elder Scrolls series is a popular and enduring franchise in the RPG genre.

Clash of Clans :

Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy game developed by Supercell, where players build and manage their own village, train troops and attack other players to earn resources and trophies. The game was released in 2012 and since then it has been a popular choice for mobile gamers.


The game’s core gameplay centers around building and upgrading the player’s village, which serves as the main base for all operations. Players can build a variety of structures such as barracks, mines, and defenses to protect their village from attacks. They can also train an army of troops and use them to raid other players’ bases, earning resources and trophies.


Players can join or create clans, which are groups of players who can share resources, participate in clan wars and help each other in clan-wide events. Clans are an important aspect of the game as they allow players to work together and strategize to become stronger.

The game also features a single-player campaign where players can complete levels and earn rewards. The game also includes a variety of events and challenges, as well as regular updates that introduce new content and features.


Clash of Clans is a free-to-play game, but players can purchase in-game currency and resources to speed up the building and upgrading process. The game is known for its addictive gameplay, engaging graphics and the social aspect that allows players to interact with one another.


Overall, Clash of Clans is a well-crafted and engaging strategy game that offers players a variety of gameplay options, challenging objectives and the ability to interact with other players. The game is a great option for those who are looking for a challenging and fun mobile strategy game.

Civilization VI :

Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games, and it is the latest entry in the popular Civilization series. The game was released in 2016, and it is available on various platforms such as PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


The game is set in the ancient times and players take on the role of a historical leader, where they must guide their civilization through the ages, from the ancient era to the modern era, while competing against other civilizations for resources, land, and power. Players must manage their civilization’s economy, military, and culture, as well as make diplomatic decisions and research new technologies.


Players can build and expand their cities, recruit armies, and engage in diplomacy and trade with other civilizations. The game also features a variety of scenarios and difficulty levels, which offer different challenges and objectives for players to complete. Players can also engage in multiplayer, where they can compete with other players from around the world.


Civilization VI is known for its deep and complex gameplay, as well as its beautiful visuals. The game features realistic and detailed graphics, which help to create a sense of immersion and bring the world of ancient civilizations to life. The game also features a rich and dynamic soundtrack, which adds to the overall atmosphere and enhances the gameplay experience.


Overall, Civilization VI is an excellent game that offers players a rich and challenging experience. The game is perfect for those who enjoy turn-based strategy games, as well as for those who are fans of the Civilization series. The game offers a lot of depth and variety, and it is a great way to spend hours exploring the world and expanding your civilization.

Conclusion :

Mobile games have come a long way and there are many great options available for players. From strategy games like Clash of Clans and Civilization VI, to puzzle games like The Room and action-adventure games like Minecraft, there is a mobile game for everyone. These games offer high-quality graphics, engaging gameplay, and a variety of challenges and objectives, making them perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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