Apple Reportedly Planning Major iPad Pro Upgrade: Unveiling New Features and Leaks

Apple is coming up with innovative launches that are strong enough to reshape the technology framework, and its future plans for the iPad Pro are no different. News of an upcoming big upgrade of the iPad Pro has created excitement among techy-savvy people. It promises a ton of new features, updates, and improvements that may refresh the tablet experience of users to date. As gossip and rumours about this new change are all around Apple users, let us take a tour of the possible updates and changes that Apple may launch in its popular iPad Pro line-up. 

The Evolution of iPad Pro: A Brief Overview

Soon after the iPad Pro debuted, it held the user’s attention with its robust performance, excellent display, and flexible functionality. Apple’s iPad Pro has always kept pushing its limit on what a tablet can perform. It is designed to cater for the needs of students, creative professionals, and people looking for portable computing solutions. The compatibility of iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil has transformed it into an excellent tool capable of unique and easy content creation and productive tasks.

Apple’s Trademark Secrecy and Leaks

Apple is quite famous for its practice of secrecy, keeping its updates, features and launches inside the four walls till the official announcement. In spite of its secrecy, rumours from trusted sources are always present to give us a hazy picture of Apple’s future plans. Therefore, tech-savvy are eagerly waiting for the next iPad Pro iteration, and there are already enough leaks to offer us insights into its robust new features and upgrades.

Leaked Features: What to Expect

Table 1: Expected Features of the Upcoming iPad Pro



Mini-LED Display

A mini-LED display is expected in the device with enhanced brightness and more color accuracy.

A15X Chip

Rumours suggest that an upgraded chipset is going to be added for improved efficiency and performance.

Thunderbolt 4 Port

For smooth connectivity and faster data transfer, Thunderbolt 4 port might be added.

5G Connectivity

A 5G support is anticipated for better wireless connection.

Enhanced Cameras

Camera technology will be updated for improved pictures and videos capabilities.

Improved Face ID

. Upgrades in the Face ID technology for more secure and smooth authentication

Larger Battery

Expected larger battery for longer usage time.

The Mini-LED Leap

One of the most expected additional features in the new iPad Pro is the reveal of a mini-LED display. A mini-LED display will enhance the visual experience by providing improved brightness, enhanced colour correction, and deeper blacks. The mini-LED display is made up of multiple tiny LEDs that will give you localized dimming and, in return, higher contrast ratios as outputs and better vivid imagery. Suppose the rumours are true and the feature is included in iPad Pro. In that case, it can make the tablet an ideal device for amazing content creation, artistic works, designs, and media consumption.

Harnessing the Power of A15X

The custom-designed chips of Apple act as a cornerstone of the device’s performance and are also expected in the future iPad Pro Max with the A15X chip. The A15X chip is made on the previous successful chip features and will deliver more power and efficiency. This has sthe ability to translate enhanced graphics performance, better multitasking, and improved battery life. Thus, giving users a seamless experience.

Connectivity Revolution with Thunderbolt 4 and 5G

An iPad’s productivity is mainly judged by its connectivity and the possible addition of a Thunderbolt 4 port on the future iPad Pro, which may mark a huge leap in technology. Thunderbolt provides smooth connectivity and faster data transfer with versatile connection options. This allows Apple users to connect a wide range of peripherals and external displays in seconds. 


Besides, the rumours of 5G support being added to Apple’s latest commitments are leading it higher in the graph of wireless technology. If rumours are true, 5G connectivity will give you smoother online collaboration, seamless streaming, and blazing-fast internet speeds and make Apple’s iPad Pro more attractive to both Apple and non-Apple users than ever before. 

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Enhanced Multimedia Capabilities

With each new device being launched, Apple is constantly improving its camera technology. The future iPad Pro is going to step in the same trend. Better cameras can bring in new opportunities for content creators and office people during video conferences and increase reality applications. The iPad Pro’s big and vibrant display and enhanced camera technology can turn the tablet into a robust multimedia powerhouse in future. 

Securing the Future with Enhanced Face ID

You must have already heard that Face ID is a hallmark of Apple’s devices. It offers a more secure and convenient procedure of authentication. According to many reports, the latest iPad Pro’s Face ID feature will increase both speed and accuracy. If true, the device’s unlocking process might become quicker and easier for users. 

Bigger Battery for Extended Usage

For every user, battery life is very crucial as most people depend on their tablet for work, study or editing. Apple is prioritizing longevity in its future launches. Therefore, the iPad Pro is going to have a more significant battery life, as per sources. A large battery means a longer usage time, catering to users who work on their tablet outdoors or entertainment sessions during long drives. 




As we said, Apple’s iPad Pro’s new lineup is going to push all limits and boundaries of the techy world. The excitement and anticipation around this expected upgrade are perceptible. The rumours and leaks of the new features create an exciting picture for users of what to expect, like the mini-LED display with amazing visuals, connectivity enhancements like Thunderbolt 4 and smooth 5G support, and an upgraded A15X chip for better performance. If these improvements are launched in the market, the iPad Pro’s position will become stronger and make it a versatile tool for creatives and professionals. 


Although the essential point is that until Apple officially unwraps all these features, the information on future iPad Pro remains dubious. No one can match Apple’s ability to surprise its users, and its innovations are unparalleled. The company’s dedication to delivering users new and seamless performance with each launch or update is the biggest reason for its success. Now, the official announcement is awaited by tech enthusiasts, which will decide if these rumours are true and how much Apple is going to reshape and give a new dimension to the technology of tablets. 

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