12 Ultra Expensive Techs Found ONLY in Dubai


This article brings you some of the expensive tech suits you can find in Dubai. Besides being rare, these expensive tech gadgets give you a sneak peek into the future. With the advent of artificial intelligence, we know that times are changing faster than we expect or understand. Dubai, known for its development-oriented mindset, is a country that houses some of the most unthinkable tech gadgets in the world. If you are looking for expensive tech gifts to make somebody’s day, your search ends here. So without wasting much time, let’s look at top 12 expensive techs of Dubai.

List of the 12 most incredibly expensive techs found only in Dubai

1. Amphibious cars

ambhibious cars

It was in 2013 that the world got its first commercial amphibious car, “Panther.” It was produced by Water Car and cost around 115,000 euros, which is quite reasonable given the functions it performs. The most recent model has become a crowd favourite. It can enter the water at a speed of about 16 km/hr using hydraulic suspension technology. This expensive tech suit takes less than 15 seconds to convert itself from land to water car. 

Once done with the transformation, this expensive tech can run at a speed of 95 km/hr, even in water!

2. Jockey Robots

robot-jockey dubai

Jockey robots are mainly used in Dubai for camel races. This expensive tech was introduced in Dubai around 2004, and this has something to do with human rights. UAE had been facing a lot of backlashes and getting in trouble with the Human Rights Commission due to the nature of the camel race and the use of children in such a dangerous game. Therefore, the land of expensive tech decided to ban the participation of humans and use robots in their place for the game. 

These jockey robots come in an aluminum structure and can be used to read the camels’ heart rates and running speeds for their safety. This expensive tech which comes at a price of around 425 euros, has changed the game’s trajectory.

3. Taxis-helicopters for cars

No one in this whole world enjoys being stuck in a traffic jam. However, there is not much that anyone can do about it unless you are in the land of expensive tech– Dubai. Taxis-helicopters for cars sounds like a dream come true for motorists. 

In Dubai, you can find helicopter taxis flying in the sky. Quite naturally, it carries the vehicles of wealthy people from one place to another. The middle class may not have the financial capacity to afford it, but they enjoy its benefits when a dozen cars get airlifted from a busy road!

4. Flyboard Boots

This water sport attracts tourists from all around the world and is quintessentially found in Dubai. Flyboard boots are an expensive tech suit manufactured by its namesake company, Flyboard, and cost around 4,250 euros. You can enjoy this thrill-seeking water sport in the Persian Gulf if you have already experienced the host of activities Dubai has to offer you. 

The Flyboard Boots use a long hose connected to the boat, which directs the pressurized water through the jet nozzles installed under the boots. This expensive tech can actually make humans fly above water in the best way possible. Be careful if you are using them, as they can take you up to a height of about 20 meters in the air while having a speed of about 40km/hr. 

5. Lamborghini police vehicles

Forget about the times when police officers had to complain about their vehicles running out of petrol. In the land of high and expensive tech, they do not have to worry about that. The general standard of living in Dubai is relatively high, and that only makes it normal for the police to patrol in Lamborghinis, Ferraris, or Bugatti’s. 

The Lamborghini Aventador car, mainly used by Dubai police, costs around 464,000 euros and is obviously produced by Lamborghini. This vehicle can go from 0 km/hr to 100 km/hr in less than 3 seconds. No wonder why motorists do not evade laws in Dubai as such. 

6. Luxury Ambulances

Dubai luxury ambulance

Imagine the police patrolling in Lamborghini and rich people having to go to the hospital in a not-so-expensive ambulance! Well, you do not have to. People residing in this land of expensive tech can take a limousine to the hospital. Allstate Limo functions to convert a limousine into an emergency vehicle that is fully equipped with everything an ambulance would ever need. 

One ride to the hospital might cost around $150,000 to $200,000. However, it is not only Dubai’s super-rich people who get a comfortable ride to the hospital in a Limousine. If you have standard medical insurance, you are good to go. 

7. Diamond-encrusted Mercedes

The list of expensive cars you can find on the streets of Dubai is endless. However, as we talk about expensive tech, how can we miss out on diamonds? In Dubai, you can find Mercedes covered in diamonds. This is the ultimate combination of exclusive design and the latest technology. 

The Diamond-encrusted Mercedes in Dubai costs around $4.8 million. It would be best if you climbed the social ladder to enjoy a ride in this costly car. 

8. ATM Gold Bar

The primary expectation of any human being visiting an ATM is to withdraw cash, but that does not align with everything that Dubai has to offer you. The land of expensive tech actually has a way of producing one of the most expensive metals on the go!

Dubai’s Gold to Go Gold Bar ATMs allow you to withdraw gold; in case you are in need of some. It provides you with 324 options to choose from. You can buy 24-carat gold bars or just simple gold coins. Each of these machine’s costs around $1.46 million. 

9. High-Rise Tennis Court

Tennis, known as the sport of the rich, perfectly suits Dubai’s extravaganza. The highest rooftop tennis court can be found at Dubai’s Burj al Arab Hotel. It has a spectacular view, and the hotel charges you around $1,000 to $28,000 per night. 

10. 24K Golden Skincare

Dubai has set the bar for skincare high. You can visit Palm Jumeirah and find one of the world’s most expensive skin care treatments under the name “24K Gold Facial Treatment”. 

The facial might cost you around $6,800, but who does not want to glow like gold? Don’t worry; along with the facial, they will also provide you with an Argan oil massage and caviar-filled lunch to complete your day. 

11. Desert Views on Hot Air Balloon

Dubai’s Hot Air Balloon ride is one of the most famous tourist attractions. The cost of one ride is around $350. Viator is known for providing services, and you can float around in the air watching the Sun while forgetting every worry in the world. 

The picturesque views of the Dubai desert can take your breath away, especially during the sunrise. If you are thinking about being hungry in the air, Viator has also got you covered there. Your ride will include breakfast and a dance of falcons to keep you entertained. 

12. World's highest rope climb

The Bluewaters Island project in Dubai, which costs around $2.71 billion, provides another major tourist attraction- rope climbing. This place allows you to climb to a height of about 150 meters and pacify the adventure-seeker in you. There will be experts to assist you on your journey and ensure that you remain safe and protected while having an experience of a lifetime. 

It is important to note that they do not encourage beginners or amateurs to try this. Nevertheless, if you are an athlete, then the sky is the limit for you here. 


The expensive tech suits unique to Dubai have been getting people’s attention worldwide. Some of them can be really good expensive tech gifts if you are in need of some suggestions. Be careful with your expenses but remember to live a life worth remembering.

Dubai is the land of uniqueness where the future and imagination meets reality. It can make you feel as if there is a different world out there that you are yet to experience. Refrain from having second thoughts regarding visiting Dubai or trying out their unique and expensive tech suits. There are many more options that this land has to provide; explore as much as you can because these experiences are to be lived only once. So, you better do it right and have no regrets in the days to come. 

Table - Most Expensive Techs In Dubai

Expensive tech (Dubai)ManufacturerCost
Amphibious CarsWaterCar115,000 euros
Jockey RobotsNil425 euros
Taxis-helicopters for carsNilNil
Flyboard BootsNil4250 euros
Lamborghini Police VehiclesNil464,000 euros
Luxury AmbulancesLimousine$150,000 to $200,000
Diamond-encrusted MercedesMercedes$4.8 million
ATM Gold-BarNil$1.46 million
High Rise Tennis CourtNil$1000 to $28,000
24K Gold Skin carePalm Jumeirah$6,800
Desert views on hot air balloonViator350
World’s highest rope climbBluewatersNil


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