$1.07 Billion Powerball Jackpot Unveiled – Check Monday’s Winning Numbers!

Monday, 02nd October 2023 was one of the most rich day for the Multi-State Lottery Association as it clocked a whopping $1.o7 Billion Powerball jackpot! Since there were no winners on monday it gets even more interesting.

This Jackpot was one of the highest ever Powerball jackpot and stands at no.4 position!

powerball $1 billion on monday 2023

Winning Numbers for Monday 02nd October 2023

Since thousands of people bought the tickets for the Monday unbelievable jackpot but nobody won, its extremely fascinating to know what exactly the winning numbers on that day were, but don’t worry, we are listing them for you:

  • Powerball Jackpot Winning Numbers for 02nd Oct 2023: 12, 26, 27, 43, 47
  • Powerball: 5
  • Powerplay: 2X

What is the ticket cost for Powerball Jackpot?

You would be surprised to know this if you are someone who is hearing about it for the first time but each ticket for the Powerball Jackpot costs just $2!  And this is one of the main reasons why it attracts such a large number of buyers. 

Who wouldn’t want to try their luck for just $2, especially when the prizes could reach to a whopping Billion dollars? 😀

How difficult/easy it is to win a Powerball Jackpot?

Looking at the competition of these games, it would be safe to say that is extremely rare for someone to win a jackpot, let me summarize it for you below:


  • Winning the Powerball jackpot is the ultimate goal in this high-stakes game.
  • The odds of hitting the jackpot are incredibly slim, standing at approximately 1 in 292.2 million per ticket.
  • It’s a numbers game where you need to match all five white ball numbers and the Powerball number.
  • While the odds are tough, don’t forget there are smaller prizes for partial matches, increasing your chances of walking away with something.
  • Keep in mind, the thrill of the game lies in testing your luck and strategy against these formidable odds.

When was the last time someone won the Powerball jackpot?

As I said above, the chances of winning a jackpot here is extremely rare, so the last time someone won this jackpot was a years back! That was the November of 2022 and the prize money won was $2.04 billion. This was also the highest the ever jackpot scored.

How can I buy Powerball Jackpot tickets?

Get ready to make your move, folks! You can grab those winning tickets the old-fashioned way – in person! Swing by your local gas station, pop into a convenient corner store, or even snag one at the grocery store. And for you high-flyers, don’t forget, some airport terminals might just have lady luck waiting for you too. So, wherever you are, wherever you go, those tickets are out there, just waiting for a lucky player like you to seize the moment! 🎫🛒✈️

You can also buy these tickets online with some of the providers like Jackpocket app. 

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